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Photos used with permission of Beacon Power, LLC

Hazle Spindle, LLC was seeking a construction manager and site electrical contractor for its new multimillion-dollar green energy flywheel facility in Humboldt Industrial Park, Hazle Township, PA. The flywheel facility participates in PJM’s Regulation Market to maintain a clean and efficient way to balance load generation.

The project, of course, was widely sought after by local electric companies. Even with this fierce competition, Hayden was selected by the owner to manage and maintain all of the facility because of Hayden’s proven track record of success with electrical knowledge, high-voltage expertise and their professionalism.

For efficient and effective land use, Hayden created a value analysis engineering plan. This plan required a daily, streamlined, precision pre-planning team effort between Hayden and the site excavation team. Hayden coordinated the access of personnel, trucks and delivery of materials. This task was accomplished in an environment that included hilly terrain and the need for removing tons of rock. The 10-acre site for the ground grid needed to be prepared and drained, and 200 flywheels and a substation needed installation. As with all projects, safety was a major concern. The Hayden team yet again delivered, with Hayden safety leaders ensuring that the organization’s culture of a “safety first” focus was a priority. There were zero accidents for any of the trades and subcontractors onsite as a result.


  • Hayden completed this project on time and in full safety compliance. There were no injuries or missed deadlines and there was minimal overtime. The Hazle Spindle project exemplifies Hayden’s capabilities as a leader of implementing stringent safety standards and also as a company at the forefront of offering value based engineering while maintaining environmental consciousness. Hayden has been celebrated for its innovation and precision execution while executing a turnkey green energy project.
  • The Hayden team received a safety “all clear” after an unannounced OSHA inspection on the jobsite, which found no violations… even when probed by management.
  • The Hayden team coordinated a modified schedule with subcontractors and the owners. This plan lead to the simultaneous construction of the project’s two major infrastructures, while still meeting the project’s original timeline.
  • Recipient of 2014 Associated Builders & Contractors, Inc., Eastern Pennsylvania Chapter, Merit Shop Award of Excellence in Construction – Electrical Industrial


“The Hayden team’s dedication and commitment to deliver a high quality product on time, under an aggressive schedule was demonstrated on a daily basis. When the situation dictated it, Hayden’s seasoned team of professionals found viable solutions to accomplish the project's goals while maintaining the schedule.”
– Robert Rounds
Director - Asset and Project Management, Beacon Power, LLC
Beacon Power, LLC is the administrator for Hazle Spindle, LLC