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24/7 Emergeny Service 570-455-6109 or 1-800-649-6545. Safety is our top priority at Hayden Electric 24/7 Emergeny Service 570-455-6109 or 1-800-649-6545. Safety is our top priority at Hayden Electric

George J. Hayden, Inc., has completed the acquisition of Industrial Maintenance Associates, Inc., a maintenance, construction and repair electrical contracting company located near Humboldt Industrial Park.

Mark Randis founded Industrial Maintenance in 1973 with his brother and, in 1989, became the sole owner with his wife, Gail. They have been operating the company since that time. Randis decided this year that he wanted to retire and sought out a company that would be a good fit to take over supporting his clients and employees.

“Hayden Electric was the perfect choice. We wanted a well-established company that would best serve our clients and one that would offer good jobs to our current employees,” Randis said.

George J. Hayden, Inc. was founded more than 42 years ago and is now owned and operated by Hayden’s son, George F. Hayden. “We are excited about adding Industrial Maintenance’s employees and client list to our growing list of companies that Hayden Electric serves,” said Hayden.

Randis said he has been contacting his clients to introduce them to Hayden Electric and its outstanding reputation as a skilled and reliable contractor that can professionally address their electrical construction, maintenance and repair needs. Hayden Electric’s service and construction departments provide a full range of industrial, commercial and residential electrical services to customers throughout Pennsylvania and in other states around the country.

Last year, Hayden, along with his business partner in another company, Usbaldo Trevino, acquired a large electrical contracting company in Bloomsburg that now operates as The Howard Company. Howard employees were retained as part of the acquisition and are among a group of more than 100 electricians that are part of the Hayden Power Group.

When the Hayden and Howard companies held an all-day safety training session just two weeks ago, Randis’ employees were in attendance.

“I plan to continue to assist George Hayden in transitioning our longtime clients to Hayden Electric,” Randis said.

George J. Hayden, Inc. Electrical Contractors and The Howard Company Electrical Contractors will share resources to enhance their ability to provide their valued customers with a safety-first team of highly-skilled and knowledgeable electricians, up-to-date technologies to improve efficiency and provide cost savings to customers and professional responsiveness to customers’ needs on a 24/7 basis. The companies will pursue future growth opportunities, both in the region and nationally, which will provide jobs for area craftspeople, including management and support personnel, with retention of current employees as a result of company growth.