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safetydayGeorge J. Hayden Electric and Communications contractor recently hosted its annual mandatory, company-wide Safety Day, an initiative the company has undertaken for two decades to ensure that all employees are aware of the latest industry safety standards.

Aerial lift machine training, fall protection training, proper recognition and labeling of hazardous materials and a walk-through staging area to identify violations on a simulated job site were some of the many areas of safety that Hayden Electric focused on during this year’s Safety Day program. Employees worked in a classroom environment in addition to having hands-on training.

Hayden Electric President George F. Hayden said, “This company was founded on safety and we have taken safety very seriously throughout our more than 40 years in business. We supplement this Safety Day training with ongoing traning throughout the year. We want all of our employees to be aware of their safety. We feel it’s certainly worth the investment in our employees and the company to take the time each year to do this training. People can’t be safe if they aren’t aware of how to protect themselves.”

Hayden said that the Safety Day agenda varies every year and training is based on the company’s identified training needs and jobsite requirements or to educate the employees on any Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) updates so that all employees are informed and comply with the latest OSHA safety standards. The safety training is designed for all employees in the company including office management and administrative teams and the field team – laborers, equipment operators, apprentices, journeymen, leaders and foremen.

The aerial lift machine training provided instruction on how to inspect the lift prior to use and proper safety harness use, including how to properly tie off the harness to the lift to prevent falls. The fall protection training offered safety tips that could be adapted to any kind of elevated work area an employee encounters.

Employees learned how to use the United Nations Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals, or GHS, to properly identify and label hazardous materials found on the job site and fill out labels and a Safety Data Sheet, or SDS, indicating the hazardous materials and what protective measures where taken around them. For the Spot the Violations segment, Hayden Electric Foreman Sean Heidecker arranged a simulated job site with ten safety violations that gave employees an opportunity to identify as many violations as they could while being in a controlled environment.

Additional Safety Day sessions discussed training on personal protective equipment, recognition and proper use of pressure tools for apprentices, a Tool Box Talk presentation on lift safety training, ladder safety inspection, managing materials on the job site and gathering all material waste for recycling.

A catered lunch was provided for the employees. With a voucher courtesy of Hayden, employees had the opportunity to purchase safety boots or tools from a mobile boot and Carhartt vendor and from various tool and equipment vendors, all of whom were on-site for the day.

George J. Hayden said that this annual safety training has been a valuable asset to the company and has helped make the employees aware of their surroundings, which helps the company remain focused on keeping employees safe and on the job.

“This training makes our employees more conscientious of what they are doing. Our new motto is ‘Safety aware, hazards beware,’” Hayden said.