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George J. Hayden was selected to represent Graham Packaging, Pepsico and Salt River Project Utility Company in the installation of the first ever joint substation in the state of Arizona. Never before had two separate companies and the utility company joined forces to install a 69kV substation. Even though substations are not new to Hayden Electric, coordinating this project was particularly unique, involving two separate companies coming together to share a substation. The dexterity between all involved parties required a great deal of patience, attention to individual needs and obviously thorough knowledge and experience with high voltage systems.

The Hayden team successfully accomplished this turnkey operation for the owners by providing all design, engineering, and consultation. Hayden also created all of the architectural, building, civil and electrical drawings. As this turnkey operation was very large and detailed, Hayden was also required to provide design of the block building, masonry, metal fencing, gates, heating ventilation, air conditioning, fire alarm system, an extensive fiber and data system, and of course all electrical work. When the project began onsite in January 2007, Hayden secured talented subcontractors to assist with the tasks outside the firm’s area of expertise, so they could focus their energy on managing the project, coordinating the needs of the different owners and tackling the truly gritty electrical tasks. It was a true collaboration and the scope of electric work was extremely difficult, as Hayden Electric had to minimize the number and duration of shutdowns necessary in preparing the substation, replacing and re-feeding existing services and installing miles of new duct banks all within the deadline of four months. Of course, Hayden’s efforts were successful. All of the coordination and expertise was used properly and the entire endeavor was completed smoothly with no problems, safety issues or loss of power.


  • George J. Hayden, Inc. tackled a project that was cutting edge for the firm, as well as the state of Arizona.
  • By the end of the project, Hayden Electric and their collaborators celebrated a completely flawless record. This achievement spans the length of the entire nation, as coordination efforts from Hazleton, PA to the southwest were triumphant. Arizona’s largest crane at 550 tons was also employed, a true feat.
  • The best news is that because of Hayden Electric’s efforts and ideas, both companies now enjoy significant decreases in monthly electrical costs, and within four years cost of the project will be fully recovered.
  • Recipient of 2007 Associated Builders & Contractors, Inc., Eastern Pennsylvania Chapter, Merit Shop Award of Excellence in Construction – Electrical Industrial